About Us

Advantage Plus is an independent buyers agency built on five essential pillars – Compliance, Integrity, Customer Focus, Service Excellence and Results.

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of all Australian property owners and investors through the careful selection of assets to meet your specific and individual goals.

We aim to inspire and enable each person, couple or family to realise and unlock their potential through property to take control of and safeguard their financial future.

Our commitment means that we will not rest so you can. From the initial consultation to our after-service support, our focus is you.

Our People

Advantage Plus Property is powered by and partners with highly dependable, committed and passionate professionals who are property owners and investors alike. We know what it takes to succeed in property and our team will commit their expertise to help you succeed too.

Our Founder

Results Driven, Customer Focused, Passionate, Committed and Reliable are some of the words used to describe Josh Desmond. Though having enjoyed a highly successful 14-year career from Apprentice Electrician to National Product Performance Manager, Josh understood he couldn’t achieve his full potential unless he was doing something that he was truly passionate about. Fortunately, he knew property and helping others was the answer he needed.

By age 31, Josh had built a property portfolio which positioned him inside the top 0.5% of all Australian property owners. Though he rarely talks about his achievements publically, the facts cannot be denied. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Josh learnt many life, finance and property lessons the hard way, lessons he wants to share and prevent all others from making.

From humble beginnings, a blue-collar worker, Josh believes that everyone determined and willing to work hard for what they want should be afforded the privilege of achieving their goals. For these reasons, Josh chose to tie his success to driven and motivated people, couples and families and he knew Advantage Plus Property was the answer for them all.

Josh’s purpose and values are what drives him to want to support his clients today, tomorrow and for the next 20 to 30, or 40 years - whatever it takes!

Josh Desmond

CEO & Founder

“I do not sell property. I believe in property and I share the benefits of property done right with anyone willing to accept help”– Josh Desmond

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