Step by Step Procedure

1. Free Discovery Call

A 15-20minute phone call to learn about the potential client and determine if APP’s services are suitable

2. Free Consultation

A 45-60minute meeting to discuss client goals, requirements and expectations. Test compatibility to ensure we will make a great team

3. Engagement

Issue potential clients with a standard service agreement to be read, understood, agreed with and signed

4. Finance Review

Review and ensure all client finances are properly structured and available. Connect clients with leading industry experts if required

5. Property Strategy

Referencing the Clients Goals and requirements, develop a strategy to purchase the perfect asset for them

6. Market Analysis

Extensive and holistic market analysis to determine the most suitable area of purchase to meet client goals and requirements

7. Property Identification

Accurately identify the perfect property in the right area at the right price that meets the client's goals and requirements

8. Property Proposal

Provide clients with a detailed property analysis report including a cashflow impact statement for the proposed property

9. Negotiation

Through the use of data and market awareness, negotiate the best deal for the clients chosen asset

10. Due Diligence

Advise on all DD matters to be completed before the property contract is exchanged and becomes unconditional

11. Exchange

Support the client’s engagement with their legal representative to ensure all matters are dealt with appropriately and timely

12. Pre-Settlement

Support and advise clients on all matter’s requiring their attention. E.g. Insurance, Property Management, Depreciation Schedules, etc.

13. Settlement

Organise and complete a pre-settlement inspection to ensure the property is as it should be

14. After Service Support

Client’s are free and encouraged to contact us anytime with any questions or concerns they have.

15. Tell me more

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