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A buyer’s agent specialises in identifying, evaluating, negotiating and purchasing properties that match their clients brief at the best possible price. 

A buyer’s advocate specialises in identifying, evaluating, negotiating and purchasing properties that match their clients brief at the best possible price. 

Traditionally, A Buyer’s Agent was known to work for a Real Estate Agency in partnership with a Sales Agent while a Buyer’s Advocate was known to be 100% independent. Today, there is no real difference, though it is always best to confirm whom they work for.

Fundamentally, the most basic difference between a buyer’s and a Seller’s Agent is that they are engaged by and work for opposing sides. While the buyer’s agent is responsible for buying a property at the best possible price, the selling agent is responsible for selling the property for the highest price possible.

Buyer’s Agents and Advocates are experienced professionals who are responsible for securing their clients the best possible property deal. Professional buyers save their clients Time, Money, and Stress and provide a large amount more.

Yes, Independent and Exclusive Buyer’s Agents charge their clients a fee for their professional services. If a fee is not being charged by a Buyer’s Agent, they are likely being paid by and working for a third party.

There are two basic payment structures utilised by Buyers Agents. An agreed portion of the fee is typically required on engagement with the remainder paid once the property becomes unconditional.

  1. A commission. A Buyers Agent will charge you a % fee of the property purchase price for their services.
  2. A flat fee. A Buyers Agent will charge you an agreed fee for their services.

Buyer’s Agents fees can vary greatly and will typically range from 1.8% to 3% +gst. Alternatively, a flat fee can range from $10,000 to $40,000.

A buyer who chooses to engage a professional Buyer’s Agent is responsible for paying the service fees detailed in the signed agency agreement.

Homebuyers are not required to utilise or pay for a Buyer’s Agent if they would prefer to do it themselves. However, it is expected that homebuyers who utilise an expert Buyer’s Agent will save both at the time of purchase and in the future.

Buyer’s Agents and Advocates are experienced professionals who are responsible for securing their clients the best possible property deal. Professional buyers save their clients Time, Money, and Stress and provide a large amount more.

Investing in property is a good idea for people who want to make long term capital gains and create wealth using someone else’s money. Property has proven itself a very secure investment and offers multiple opportunities for investors to earn a return on investment. Whether through buy and hold, renovation or extension, subdivision or development, Australian property is among the best investment opportunities in the world. But, as with every investment, there are risks you must be aware of.

Investing in real estate is not for everyone. If you want to get rich quick, pay less tax, or jump into the next “hot spot” because you missed the last boom, chances are that property is not for you. Investing in property can cost a lot of money and unless you have clear goals, a robust strategy, financial stability and fluency in additional to extensive market knowledge, you could be placing yourself at risk.

Owning an investment property can have many positive impacts. It may enable you to, Pay down your own home faster, Earn a passive income while you sleep, Create long term capital gains and more. Though while there are many advantages, there are associated risks which require consideration before buying an investment property.

You should buy an investment property if it contributes to your personal and financial goals and you have the financial stability and fluency to manage the property and its associated liabilities.

The decision to buy an investment property now or to wait depends on many factors including but not limited to, your ability to not only purchase a property but to service the associated loan(s), location and type, expected growth or decline in the price, return on investment (rental return minus holding expenses), tenant availability and your savings rate.

It depends on whom you ask. We believe the best type of property to invest in is a Torrens title home which simply means the purchaser owns the land and the building(s) on that land. The type of home is typically less important than the location of the home when bought for investment purposes.

There are many indicators to consider when buying an investment property. Some of those include but are not limited to supply and demand (stock on market/ days on market), long term growth trends, yield trends, gentrification, government spending and infrastructure, economic diversity and access to jobs, public transport, hospitals and schools.

Many Australian’s use property investment as a way of paying off their own home sooner. Property investment provides the opportunity to increase your income or access a portion of the tax you have already paid which can be used to pay down your mortgage quicker.

There are many actions Australian’s can take to pay off their mortgage quicker. These include but are not limited to, weekly payments, increased payments or using an offset account and sourcing a lower interest rate. Australian’s can also use property investment to pay off their mortgage sooner.

If you want to own your home sooner, consider buying a cheaper home, whether smaller or further from where you want to live. If this cannot be achieved, consider making a larger deposit, increasing your payments and earning a second income.

There are many types of Buyers Agents – Those who only represent owner-occupiers, those who only represent investors, those who only want to be associated with high net worth buyers and those who specialise and service the average person. Ultimately, there is a Buyer’s Agent for you and speaking on behalf of Advantage Plus Property, we do not discriminate, if you know what you want, or even if you do not, we are committed to working hard for you!!

A common misconception, only the wealthy can afford to pay someone to buy a house for them. Many Buyer’s Agents do not discriminate based on the value of your net worth or the size of your salary. The outcome from utilising a buyers agent should support a movement towards ‘wealthy’ but it is not a requirement, to begin with. A more accurate description is, Buyer’s Agents are for committed buyers who want to capture a market advantage and beat the odds.

In almost all cases, a Buyer’s Agent will negotiate a better price than the average buyer. Buyer’s Agents will leverage their extensive market knowledge and sales data in their negotiations to secure the best price under the best conditions.

In business, if you are not paying for a service, the service is not working for you. Did you know that the selling agent is ‘legally’ obligated to achieve the best price for their vendor and not you, or any other buyer? Real estate agents are experts at getting the buyer to pay more for the property they are buying, regardless of whether it is the property they were looking for.

Unfortunately, there are too many externals factors to predict this accurately. However, the process will typically vary from 4 to 6 weeks for an investor and 4 to 8 weeks for an owner-occupier in a balanced market. The actual time can vary from 1-2 days to 3 or 4 months.

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